I love this, it's the 37th Annual Christmas Parade in Lacey Township.

This year's Christmas parade is sponsored by the Lacey Elks Lodge 2518. There is no registration required for this holly jolly parade.

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This year's parade kicks off December 4th from the United Methodist Church on Lacey Road. The staging area starts around 2:13 - 2:30 with parade kick-off time at 3:00. Everyone is welcome to march in the parade. The more the "merrier" their Facebook page says. For more information call 609-693-9831 ext. 2.

LuminaStock, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
LuminaStock, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

This is always a lot of fun. You might have to dress warm though and of course, get ready for Santa himself. When we talk about Christmas there are five things that New Jerseyians love the most. Can you guess what one of them is? It's parades.

Growing up we never had Christmas parades. Halloween parades were always so popular and Veteran Day parades, wearing my red, white, and blue every year. But a Christmas parade?

The five things New Jerseyians love the most when it comes to Christmas:

#5 - Christmas lights

#4 - Christmas songs

#3 - Christmas parades

#2 - Christmas cards

#1- Stocking stuffers for Christmas Day

On the list, Christmas parades came up before the beautiful Christmas lights, wow. I had no idea. What have I been missing? Well, I'll tell you...If you've never been to this adorable, jolly, Christmas parade in Lacey Township, you are missing something so special.

It is a total family atmosphere with kids dressed in their favorite elf outfits, families wearing matching PJs, and of course, everybody hoping they get to see Santa. The best part is hot cocoa. The community all together celebrating, it is something you really shouldn't miss this holiday season.

The Lacey Township Christmas Parade takes place, once again, on December 4th, 2022 on Lacey Road. The rain date for the parade is December 11th, 2022.

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