It's a sight we see more and more of here at the Jersey Shore .... baby animals. All kinds of wildlife are being spotted throughout New Jersey. One that I have personally come into contact with are "Fawns". Baby deer are becoming a common sight as more deer and less space have led to more being spotted around Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

One thing I don't think of is baby deer and water, especially the Bay or Ocean. That's where our story begins. As reported in a recent Patch article, Charlie Landry Sr. spotted what he thought was a piece of wood floating on the southeast side of Cattus Island State Park off Fischer Boulevard in Toms River ..... however it turned out to be a baby deer who had strayed out into the bay and now was out pretty far. That's when Howell teens Kyle Mulholland and Sean Ryan jumped into action. The Monmouth County teens along with another resident,  John Spalthoff, who is the Spring Lake Heights schools superintendent, paddled out to the fawn on his kayak. As did Mulholland and Ryan on jet skis' to rescue the struggling baby deer.

The rescue was successful and the baby was brought safely to shore and released back into the woodlands.  "It was a great save," Spalthoff said. "It's the true definition of boaters working together to enjoy their time on the water."

A happy ending to our story ......

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