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We are not only facing Winter months and the cold, but we are also dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic. So it's more important than ever to keep our families safe and yes have some FUN too!

I found an article from MSN  and decided to put together some fun things we have done at home.

For us with our kids we did all kinds of games. From “Scene It” to “Wii” and Jenga in between we played a bunch of games. The kids used to love reading the “Goosebumps” books. For those who don’t know, Goosebumps are a spooky kids book series with multiple endings, which the kids had to pick through a series of choices, so the book always ended various ways.



Another game we played was “Heroclix” and the best way to describe is it’s superheroes meets chess. We even still have the game and pieces. Superman was always the best piece to have because let’s face it, he’s the strongest hero ever....right? If you and the kids are into superheroes then definitely check out heroclix, saving ours for the next generations of superheroes :)

We had a trampoline for an hour lol funny story, we got the kids a big trampoline for the yard and one day while April was out I built the monstrosity it was huge took up half the backyard and when she got home she said “nope” lol



Ok so now back to the MSN article, they have 45 fun and frugal things to do with the kids indoors. Nice and warm during the winter and safe and sound during a pandemic. Some of the ideas include indoor scavenger hunts, charades, build an indoor fort (we did that) and host a dance party. Just to name a few from their list. Take a look and choose some fun ones for you and your family. One of the games they have is “wash the dishes” sorry not fun, sketchy way to get the kids to do the dishes lol.


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