Ok, I'll be the first to admit that I can be hard on the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore". I haven't exactly been shy about sharing my feelings about the enduring reputation that was left behind for us.

But I'm also reasonable enough to admit when they do something positive here in Ocean County.

So credit where it's due after a weekend fundraiser in Point Beach.

According to our sister station, 94.3 The Point, the gang took over Jenk's Club for a good cause - to raise money for Be The Match, one of the largest bone marrow donor registries.

My colleague Jasmine goes on to say that they raised around $40,000 for the charity.

A post on Deena's Facebook page reveals that her father passed away from leukemia 2 years ago, and was the inspiration for the event:


So again, yes I admit that I can be critical, but it's only fair to point out when the people I'm critical of are doing something good locally.

Good job, guys!


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