Yesterday's uncommon East Coast earthquake that many here in Ocean County felt, myself included, along with this week's news of 10 drug busts at a notorious local motel got me thinking about the fact that there are some things that we probably wouldn't miss if they were swallowed up by the Earth.

So of course I made a list of just a few.

Here is my list of 5 things in Ocean County that should just be swallowed up by a hole in the Earth:


  • Photo by Tom Mongelli
    Photo by Tom Mongelli

    Shady Motels

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    The Beachwood Shopping Center

    Let's be honest here, would most of us even notice if a fault line in the Earth's crust just opened right up and Route 9's long empty Beachwood Shopping Center just disappeared one night?

  • Toms River Toll plaza (Google Maps)
    Toms River Toll plaza (Google Maps)

    Toll Booths

    Fun fact! Did you know that when the Garden State Parkway was originally built it was intended to pay for itself with tolls and that they would eventually go away and the highway would be free?

    And here we are 65 years later still tossing coins into baskets or registering E-ZPass charges.

    I hereby banish you into a giant bottomless pit, toll booths!

  • Photo by Brianne Diomede
    Photo by Brianne Diomede

    People Who Litter On The Beach

    When it comes to irritating things that people do, there are times that we can just shake our heads and realize that just not everyone is all that courteous.

    But people who litter on the beach are a special kind of obnoxious.

    To them I say, may a hole open up and swallow you and your litter!

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Jersey Shore Cast

    Look, I'm not just saying this to be a jerk but...

    Ok, I'm totally just saying it to be a jerk.

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