The news came out this week that the rumors of MTV's "Jersey Shore" cast returning to our area are in fact true.

Almost like spotting Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, the Snooki sightings have stretched from Asbury Park to Barnegat in only the last few days.

Do you want to keep track of where you might be able to rub shoulders with the Shore's most notorious Bennys? (Or, maybe you want to know where they're frequenting so you can make a point to avoid those areas).

We went ahead and put together this handy map of both confirmed and rumored sightings so far:

Google Maps/Getty Images
Google Maps/Getty Images

We'll stay ahead of the story for you and keep the map updated because, well, someone has to.

Do you have a tip on where the cast has been spotted? Click here to drop us a line!


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