We've been hearing since Summer began, jellyfish have been around on our beaches and at our bays. They're just too darn close for my liking at this point.

According to the patch.com, they are REALLY, REALLY close to us at Tices Shoal. Tices Shoal is such a cool place where boaters hang - it's a super fun place! Two people were stung at Tices.

I've been staying away from the bay this year because of the jelly fish. Hopefully they'll go away, but I doubt it. It's the Summer of jelly fish.Clinging jellyfish, what the heck are they? They're tiny, they cling, and they have a huge sting.

There is a facebook group known has New Jersey Jellyspotters - you can follow their page and they can keep us up to date where the jellyfish are.Everything you'd ever want to know about Jersey's jellyfish can be found at this facebook page.

Clinging jellyfish native of the Pacific Ocean, were found in the Metedeconk River areas, off F Cove in Brick, and along Wardells Neck along the Metedeconk River, also in Brick. They're taking over Ocean County!

Stay safe! Have a fun jellyfish-less rest of your Summer!


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