New Jellyfish To Be On Lookout For
We are not surprised when our usual Jellyfish make their appearance each Summer here at the Jersey Shore, but Officials are saying they have found a new version.....the "Clinging Jellyfish". In a recent Patch article researchers at Montclair University reported finding nearly 40 of the spe…
The backstory of the venomous clinging jellyfish
Between May and October each year the Barnegat Bay Partnership (on the heels of their State of the Bay Report release), samples with a 50-foot seine net at numerous parts of Barnegat Bay looking for juvenile fish. Officials have come across a variety of estuarine fish since 2012, but among them four…
Dangerous Jellyfish Found In LBI
Long Beach Island community lifeguards discovered and removed a dangerous Portuguese man o’war jellyfish creature that washed ashore Sunday morning, according to