It officially arrives this Saturday but I felt it last Friday morning when I stepped out of my home early in the morning.  I did not need a calendar to tell me that summer as we know it was really over.  I took a ride over to the beach where it was a cool 65 degrees in the middle of the day with a brisk wind and gave in to the elements by putting on a sweatshirt. At that point I said to nobody in particular, “wow summer is really over.”

If you know me at all and listen with any regularity you know I am a summer guy who really lives for the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day which is peak beach season.  I got cheated this summer because of my back problems which resulted in another surgery in July.  So much for long days on the beach and nights finding the ideal place for a cocktail, even if it was my own backyard.

So back to summer being over…even if it is unofficial.  It’s cooler, the days are getting shorter and many of you have switched over to fall clothing…more on that later this week.  That all makes me sad and especially when you consider what comes after fall.  There is really only one good thing about summer coming to an end and that is football season which is very much here.  High school football on Friday, college football on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday. Thank goodness for that.

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