I've talked before about the Ocean County road that irritates me the most (for those of you who want to refresh your memories, it's Jack Martin Boulevard, just click here for what can only be charitably described as a bit of a rant).

And as I'm writing this right now, I think it's fair to say that Jack Martin will continue to hold that title in my mind, but I may have to submit a different Ocean County road for the ignominious title of One Of The Worst:


Google Maps

Behold, New Hampshire Avenue.

While Jack Martin only stretches from Route 88 to Route 88 (wait, what? Yeah, Ocean County, ladies and gentlemen!), New Hampshire stretches through Lakewood and well into Toms River, with at least two lanes on each side for most of it, and number of major crossings, like Cedar Bridge Avenue, Route 70, and Church Road before ending at Old Freehold Road.

And honestly, today I was stunned by the way people were driving on New Hampshire, particularly between 70 and 88.

And before anyone says anything untoward, it was all different types of people in all different types of cars.

Driving like a jerk certainly doesn't discriminate, does it?

But my head was on a swivel between cars squeezing into spaces between other vehicles where there really shouldn't be any, plenty of "that doesn't even count as coasting through a yellow", and vehicles darting out from side streets with barely a breath to spare.

Sure, there are plenty of other bad roads in Ocean County, and maybe some that are even worse than that (I'm looking at you, Route 9!), but I'd like to submit New Hampshire Avenue as one of the worst in the county.

What do you think? Let us know which local roads get your blood boiling in the comments section!


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