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I remember filming commercials at the Sonic in both Manahawkin and Waretown when they first opened, but unfortunately for both locations they are now closed. I must say Sonic made a good milkshake. The Manahawkin site has already been re-done and now has a Chipotle and Xfinity store in the former spot. The Waretown spot (pictured above) seems to be getting a facelift, do we know what it is going to be or is that still up in the air?

I think the closest Sonic location is now on Route 9 in Howell. I thought the ”drive in” concept was fun but obviously they didn't win everyone over in Ocean County.

If there is no definitive answer what do you think we need at this location on Route 9 in Waretown? Another food establishment or some other retail business? Is there full service has station nearby? Route 9 has a lot of traffic but obviously not everything can make it at this location.

I am getting some reports that this location may possibly be a new Dunkin .... Do you like that idea?

Let us know if there is an answer to our question or if not.....what would you build on the former Sonic site in Waretown?

Here is the old commercial we did in 2009.....(contest is over, obviously lol)

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