Have you seen any homes decorated for Christmas yet? If not it won't be long as people get ready to celebrate the holidays. Our home is decorated for autumn and Thanksgiving and will stay that way until Thanksgiving weekend when we will switch to Christmas. I don't judge on most things, I say "You do you" and it's none of my business how you live, but that's my outlook, just be happy.


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Holiday Decor
Unsplash.com Jeffrey Blum



Is It Illegal To Decorate Your Mailbox For Christmas In New Jersey?

The simple answer is "NO". However, there is an attachment to that answer. Studio-M listed some guidelines. According to the United States Postal Service, "The United States Postal Service (USPS) permits mailbox decoration so long as your creative flights of fancy don't interfere with mail delivery or pick-up."


Unsplash.com infinyd photo
Unsplash.com infinyd photo


Are you allowed to decorate the mailbox?

According to the USPS, "Decorative art and devices can be attached to the exterior of approved mailbox designs provided they do not interfere with mail delivery or present a safety hazard."


Holiday Packages
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So there you go, some guidelines when it comes to decorating your mailbox for the holidays. You can do it as long as you don't make it hard for your mail carrier to access the box. If you decorate your mailbox for Christmas share your photos with us so we can get some new ideas for the upcoming holiday season.


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