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This weekend a huge great white shark was tracked off the coast of New Jersey, but it is far enough offshore currently that it should not pose a problem.

Nukumi is the sharks name and it was tracked well offshore of Monmouth County, closer to the very deep offshore canyons than the Monmouth-Ocean shoreline.

According to APP.COM , Nukumi checks in at 17-feet-2-inches, and 3,541 pounds! Now that's a shark! This female great white is estimated to be over 50 years old and may have given birth to one hundred or so "pups" during her lifetime.

OCEARCH has  Nukumi  tracking parallel to the Monmouth-Ocean coastline, but well offshore by the submarine canyons....so no worries. In fact there is a male great white named  "Beacon"  who is much smaller, but is closer to the Monmouth-Ocean shoreline. A third male great white "Bluenose" is pinging between Beacon & Nukumi.  All three sharks are being tracked by Ocearch.

"OCEARCH is the nonprofit research group that is placing satellite tracking tags on great white sharks to gather information for science on the animal's life cycle. The group began its work in 2007." ~ app.com 

We will keep you posted with all the offshore shark activity as we enter the colder months, but Nukumi is one of the largest we have seen in awhile, so researchers will definitely be keeping a close eye on her. Dare I say they may need a bigger boat?

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