Having trouble starting your day off on the right foot? We have tips to make you a better morning person

Ive been doing mornings for nearly 25 years now on the radio and to me the best part of the day is morning! Mornings are full of expectations and you never know what lies ahead for your day. Nothing beats a sunrise and morning coffee!

Here are some tips to help you be a better morning person compliments of Real Simple

  1. Reward Yourself for Getting Up.  If you get up 15 minutes early, set aside some of that time for something you enjoy.
    --Like reading the paper, MAKING coffee instead of spending five bucks on a cup, or even just watching a few extra minutes of "SportsCenter".

    --When you're not rushing out the door, you'll start noticing that you feel less stressed out the rest of the morning, and a little less out-of-it in general.

  2. Don't Close Your Blinds Before Bed.  Waking up when it's dark in the room is a lot harder than it is when you let more and more sunlight creep in.
    --Or if you like your blinds closed for PRIVACY, you can get an artificial light-emitting box that works like an alarm clock.  They go for as low as $50.
  3. Set Aside a Full Hour in the Evening to Unwind.  And when you're planning things in advance, pretend you have one less hour than you actually do each night.
    --People tend to overestimate how much they can fit into one evening.  And if you don't give yourself some time to unwind, you end up staying up PAST your bedtime, which obviously means you'll be tired the next morning.
  4. Exercise Early.  It's pretty tough to make it a habit, but it's probably the most FOOLPROOF way to wake yourself up.  Even if it's just some light stretching or a walk around the block.
    --As an added benefit, research has shown that exercising BEFORE breakfast burns more stored-up fat, and makes you lose more weight.