In my time with Ocean County Paranormal, it seems like we keep coming back to one specific place - Toms River.

We've had a number of strange things happen in and around downtown Toms River.

From the investigation of our very own WOBM offices right on Robbins Street, which resulted in some strange recordings, to a nearby property where we caught a strange shadow on film that just happened to be vaguely human shaped, there seems to be a heck of a lot of activity centered in the county seat.

And of course there was that whole "we were forced out of our rental home by ghosts, so we're going on a TV court show" thing that happened a few years ago too.

And it would make sense. Toms River is old. With the township's 250th anniversary coming up next year, there's no debate on the fact that a lot has happened here in two and a half centuries.

We've been to plenty of places all around New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But there's one town that's come up more than any others - Toms River.

Have you had any strange experiences at a home or business in or around Toms River? Click here to tell us about it and the OCP team might come out for an investigation!