In the strictest definition of the term, it's fair to say that a UFO was spotted in New Jersey this week.

The object was unidentified (U), it was flying (F), and it was, well, an object (O).

At least, it was all of those things at the time that people were reportedly jumping out of their cars on busy Garden State highways to capture video of the anomaly for themselves.

Check out some of the videos that have gone viral in the last 24 hours:

(Warning - there's some strong language contained in some of the videos. Let's be honest, though, we'd probably all say the same thing!)

Watching these videos without more context and considering everything that 2020 has thrown at us so far, it almost feels reasonable to think that this was the moment that intelligent extraterrestrial life finally decided to reveal themselves to us.

Why did they choose New Jersey?

Fair question, but I digress.

As much as I would have loved for this mystery to endure, though, it turned out that a rather mundane explanation was in order.

The famous airship was making its way over the Meadowlands Sports Complex on Monday, September 14th to do what its done hundreds of times over the years - to check out a Monday Night Football game.

Nope, it wasn't aliens dropping by to watch the Giants take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was just a blimp that happened to be overhead just as the sun was starting to set on a late summer evening.

Which, let's be honest, is a good thing in the end. With everything that's happened so far this year, an alien invasion would kind of be a bummer.

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