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October is a spooky month with Halloween approaching, multiple full moons and haunted destinations all over New Jersey. I thought I’d put together a list of the scariest places in New Jersey. Maybe you can do a “drive-by” and safely check out these spooky destinations in the Garden State.

1. Leeds Point: The town that is home to New Jersey’s most popular monster, the Jersey Devil. Leeds Point is located in Galloway Township, Atlantic County. According to legend the 13th child of Mrs Leeds was born in 1735. The child was transformed into a demon after birth and stalks the Pine Barrens to this day. This time of year it’s just spooky to drive around this area. Allegedly there is still remnants of the house, but I never have been able to find.....that’s so long ago. If you go snooping, just keep an eye and an ear out for you never know......

2. The Devil’s Tree: This hideous tree, in Bernards Township - Somerset County, is allegedly a gateway to hell. The tree is supposed to be warm to the touch, all year round. The legend says that anyone who tries to cut the tree down is doomed to meet an unfortunate end.....so leave your axe at home.

3. The Spy House: This haunted site can be found in Port Monmouth in the Middletown section of Monmouth County. According to legend this establishment was used to spy on British soldiers during the Revolutionary War and Pirates used the cellar to stash their victims. Numerous accounts of ghost sightings have occurred here. It’s alleged to be one of the most haunted houses in America.

Shawn Michaels

4. The Tuckerton Mystery Lady: The home on Main Street in Tuckerton is known for the legend of the “Ghost in the Window”. The home was built in 1868 by Captain Napoleon Bonaparte Horner a gift to his wife Mary Hanson Horner. According to locals a ghostly figure has been seen in a window of the home, the shadowy figure of a woman.....the Tuckerton Mystery Lady! (Photo Above & Below taken by Shawn Michaels)

Shawn Michaels

5. Proprietary House: This home in Perth Amboy was the former home of William Franklin, New Jersey’s last Royal Governor.....the alleged son of Benjamin Franklin. The home is reportedly haunted by various ghosts including Revolutionary War soldiers, a woman and a young boy.

6. Hangar No. 1: May 6th 1937 (83 years ago) the German zeppelin the German airship (blimp) the Hindenburg crashed while approaching Lakehurst Naval Air Station right here in Ocean County. Today some say Hangar No. 1 at Lakehurst is haunted and you can experience  ghostly encounters especially on May 6th. Side note my Uncle Tommy was at Navy Lakehurst that day and witnessed the crash of the Hindenburg first hand.

7. The Stephen Crane House: The home of author Stephen Crane was built circa 1878 and according to local legend it has been the site of some ghostly sightings. Next time your in Asbury Park swing by and as you drive by see if you spot and ghostly shadows in the window.

Finally the photo below is a photo I took of a home in West Creek. In one of the windows after looking at the photo I spotted what appears to be an old man in the window....do YOU see it? It’s another possible haunting?

Shawn Michaels

There are just a few haunted spots here in New Jersey and some here at the Jersey Shore....maybe you will want to investigate this month for Halloween

Share any haunted sightings you have encountered here in New Jersey.

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