Haunted houses

7 Haunted Locations in New Jersey
October is a spooky month with Halloween approaching, multiple full moons and haunted destinations all over New Jersey. I thought I’d put together a list of the scariest places in New Jersey. Maybe you can do a “drive-by” and safely check out these sp…
Buy A Haunted Castle!
Let's be honest, a medieval European castle is just a big pile of rocks without an honest to goodness "lady in white" style ghost, right? Well, for the right price, you could own your very own 14th century castle, complete with a ghost. And, surprisingly, the price isn't …
Why Haunted Hall is Scariest
It's officially October, officially fall, and officially haunted house season. And we have one of the scariest haunted attractions at the Jersey shore - The Haunted Hall, ready to roll this weekend. So what makes it one of the best Halloween attractions around? Here are a few reasons:
See What A TV Crew Caught
One of the main things that we always stress to new ghost hunters and people interested in trying to catch paranormal activity is the fact that you can't make it happen. You can spend hours somewhere that is purported to be haunted and not get so much as a chill. And then there are those times …

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