It's one of the true joys of online shopping - the mysterious and legendary "Bag of Crap". I've written once before about scoring the coveted mystery box from online retailer, and I was lucky enough to score another one this past Cyber Monday.

In case you're a "BoC" newbie, here's how it works - it's $3, and you don't know what you're going to get.

It could be a bunch of junk - misprinted notepads and pens. It could be a highly valuable item (someone scored an ASUS laptop this time around), or it could be something totally ridiculous (the full pallet of car wax has become legendary in Woot-fan circles).

Based on shipping information, people furiously speculate on what might be in their boxes. For the record, mine was 12x9x7 inches and 1.9lbs.

So, enough build up...what crap did I end up with? Check it out:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

Here's the full, appropriately crappy haul:

1 - Small pair of women's flip flops from "Eros Hosiery Company"
2 - Misprinted notepads for Chino Hills High School Health Science Academy
2 - Elastic lanyards, the type that the casino folks use to keep hold of their slot cards
1 - "The Dipr - The Ultimate Cookie Spoon" (for dipping your Oreos in milk)
1 - Philadelphia Phillies desk organizer with post-it notes
1 - Coveted Woot "?" paper bag
1 - FineAudio Multi USB Adapter
1 - Polaroid Multimedia Dock for Nintendo DSi
1 - Random piece of tissue paper

Hey, look, for $3, I'll use the sticky notes for sure, I know a few Phillies fans who might like the desk organizer, and I can probably use the USB adapter. So, all in all, I can't complain. Half the fun of getting in on the Bag of Crap is the anticipation and the reveal.

So, in my opinion, it's another successful crapping from the fine folks at!

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