What is a "Bag of Crap?", you may be asking. The answer - nobody knows until they actually get the Bag of Crap in the mail.

The backstory first -

One of my favorite shopping websites is woot.com, who's slogan, "One Day, One Deal" pretty much explains how they operate - they sell one item every day. When it's sold out, that's it until tomorrow.

Every now and then, they offer their signature goodie, the "Bag of Crap". It's a flat price, $3. But there's a catch - you don't know what you're going to get in the "Bag of Crap". It could be a box of pencils and a hamster wheel or it could be an iPad. The fun of scoring a "BoC" is the mystery.

The other catch is how popular they are. They sell out fast. Like, in seconds. That fast.

So actually getting a Bag of Crap is half the challenge.

I've been a member of Woot for a number of years now and have only managed to score a BoC once before (it had a bunch of rubber silicone watches, some tupperwear, and a beach bag in it). I got lucky again late last week.

So, without further ado, here is the "unboxing" of my Bag of Crap:

Photo by Justin Louis

My Crap arrives at the office. The whole reception area is intrigued, so I open my Crap in front of everyone.

Photo by Justin Louis

They obviously like to stretch out the suspense. The first thing I got - two bags of air.

Photo by Justin Louis

My crap! This one was specifically for pets, so I knew that the goodies would be pet-centric.

Photo by Justin Louis

The full contents of my Bag of Crap:

  • "Luvs Dog Toy With Squeaker"
  • "Super Catnip"
  • "Cat It Style" Nylon Leash (I'd love to see someone actually try to put a cat on a leash!)
  • "Kitty Teasers" Cat Toy
  • "Dog It" Rawhide Chew
  • "Dog It" Keychain Charm
  • A "BOC" sticker so I can show off my Crap buying prowess to the world
  • A paper question mark Crap bag. I don't know what else to call it. It's a paper bag with a question mark on it (which is also the image that Woot uses when a Bag of Crap is for sale)

All in all, it's not too crappy, really. I have a dog, who I'm sure will appreciate the toy and the rawhide. My mom has a cat, who will enjoy the cat toy (but definitely not the leash), and the keychain charm is cute. I'll give away the catnip (my neighbors have cats), and I'll post the sticker on my cubicle at work. The bag...well, I'll find some crappy use for it.