I'm writing this at 6:30 on Friday evening, and of course I have to give the caveat that the information that I'm about to share is as of this writing.

We saw last week that a Friday update is by no means a solid indication of the final tally. In fact, it very well can serve as motivation to get the votes flowing.

That being said, right now the race between the Brick Township Green Dragons and the Toms River North Mariners could end up as a runaway if the voting patterns stay the same between now and when the poll closes Sunday at midnight.

As of right now, the Mariners are well ahead of the Green Dragons.

I've speculated all along that the Mariners likely have an axe to grind as they've watched both of their sister schools win Mascot Madness in past years, with the TR East Raiders winning the 2016 edition and the TR South Indians taking home the 2017 prize. So you couldn't blame the Mariners for having a bit of a chip on their shoulders and a plan to belly up to the top of the podium this year.

But I also have to remind you that the Brick Township Green Dragons were in this exact same spot last year after rising above 16 other Ocean County high school mascots, the Green Dragons couldn't close the deal and watched from the sidelines as the TR South Indians grabbed the glory of the title of Mascot Madness champions.

Here are the key questions as of right now:

  • Are the Mariners on a drive to destiny in a bid to join their sister schools as Mascot Madness champions?
  • Will the Green Dragons always be the bridesmaid and never the bride?
  • Can the Green Dragons gather some momentum like they did this time last week?
  • Or will the Mariners double down and slay the Dragons?

I can say this much - the next two days and 5 1/2 hours of voting will be very interesting!

Have you voted yet? You can do so below, and don't forget that you can weigh in once every 24 hours!


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