Back in January, I told you that there was a lot going on at the Walmart on Route 88 in Brick.

After sharing that story on Facebook, a lot of people joined the conversation and gave us an idea of what was going on exactly, like the rearranged and expanded self-check registers (thank you!), and the renovated grocery section.

Today, we're hearing more from the company officially about what's in store for Brick, including a few impressively high tech gadgets.

According to a press release from Walmart, Brick is one of 13 New Jersey stores that are undergoing millions of dollars in renovations.

In addition to the streamlined (and did I mention more?) checkouts, there are a couple of nice features slated for the baker's dozen NJ stores, like grocery pickup and grocery delivery.

What stood out to me, though, were a pair of impressively tech-y additions that the company is touting, like their huge "Pickup Tower" vending machines, that will dispense your online orders:

Walmart "Pickup Tower" vending machine (Photo provided by Walmart)


And their "Autonomous Floor Scrubber", which is a fancy way of saying that they're putting in Doctor Who-like robots that clean the floors:

Walmart's Autonomous Floor Scrubber (Photo provided by Walmart)


So, there you have it. If it seems like there's a lot going on at the Brick Walmart, that's because, well, there is.

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