While a Walmart McDonald's dinner might not exactly be anybody's idea of a perfect night out of haute cuisine with the family, you can't deny the convenience of grabbing a quick sandwich and fries on the way out of your shopping trip.

That's the main reason that mini-McDonald's counters inside of Walmart stores first became popular, but this week, McDonald's officials targeted dozens of those locations for closure before the end of 2020.

The Tuesday announcement from McDonald's officials says that the coronavirus pandemic caused them to speed up plans to wrap up operations at 200 stores, half of which are inside of Walmart stores.

The closures that are now slated for 2020 were originally part of a multi-year plan that was fast-tracked because of the pandemic in what officials call, "an acceleration of closings planned for future years".

While the announcement didn't specify where the McDonald's Walmart locations that will be closing before the end of 2020 are, locally to us at the Jersey Shore there are a pair of the mini-restaurants inside of Walmart stores, including:

  • Route 88 Brick
  • Route 9 Howell

Again, the McDonald's announcement didn't specify exactly how many of its Walmart locations will be closing aside from saying that "more than half" of the 200 locations that are slated for closure over the next 4 or so months are Walmart restaurants.

If we hear more about specific locations that will be closing, we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, you can click here for more on the story from Business Insider.

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