I have friends and family members that shop at Costco every weekend.

Am I missing you? Am I having major FOMO (just incase you don't know, fear of missing out).

That said, when friends with memberships show us their cool finds like winter coats, stand-up paddleboards, cute workout clothes and an almost five pound cheesecake, we feel left out.

I've been in Costco in Brick and the food samples are delicious. There were lots of samples. You could fill up on the samples they had when I was in there.

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I just never thought to get a Costco membership. I would imagine if I had a larger family, maybe more kids, I'd have a membership. We don't have that much room to stock up on groceries. I'm at the grocery store everyday. Maybe it would be smart to stock up.

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According to GoBankingRates, the most commonly purchased items at the membership warehouse are groceries.

Three sneaky ways to shop at a New Jersey Costco Without a Membership

#1 - Find a friend with a membership - Ok, it's not real sneaky, but they can give you a gift card for Costco, then you can enter. You can actually tell your friend how much you want on a gift card, and they'll get it for you so you can shop.

#2 - Have it delivered - Shop through Instacart, you don't need a membership and have the groceries or items delivered to your house. Prices might be a little bit higher on-line.

#3 - Shop on-line - This one is easy, check out costco.com, create an account and you don't need a membership. There are no free samples and there might be a non-member charge, but you still can order things right through their website.

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