Something is going on at the Walmart that spans Routes 70 and 88 in Brick.

What is going on exactly is officially a bit of a mystery at the moment, though.

I stopped by after work yesterday to pick up a few things and found the checkout area of the store was transformed.

The self-checkout lanes had been totally removed from one end of the store, while the DIY kiosks on the other end were just closed at that point.

Thankfully, more checkout lanes than usual (at least for 8:30 at night) were open to make up for the lack of the quick lanes.

This would all be good indicators of what people in the Facebook group, "Growin' Up In Brick, NJ" are saying, that the focus of the remodel is to bring in more self service registers, including kiosks specifically for online order pickup.

I asked an employee what was going on, and she simply answered that they were undergoing "a pretty major renovation", and when I reached out to a Walmart spokesperson, she confirmed that, "the store is undergoing a remodel, but we do not have any other details yet."

So, the exact plans and the time frame of the remodel are still a bit of a mystery at the moment, at least from official sources.

In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on it and will let you know if and when I learn more.



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