Garden State Parkway Is Already Packed And It's Not Even Summer!

We are just a few weeks away from the "unofficial" start of the 2024 summer season here at the Jersey Shore and with that, we will see millions head to our beautiful "shores" to enjoy a great summer. Of course, one road you probably can't avoid if you are coming to the Jersey Shore, at some point in your travels, is the Garden State Parkway. Recently I was driving the GSP and I had to say to myself "Wow there is too much traffic when it's NOT EVEN SUMMER". I'm sure if you travel the Parkway (on a daily basis) this may be no news to you, but it does raise the question "If this is what it's like now, how the hell will you get around come July!". Is it more like the Garden State PARKING-LOT?


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Garden State Parkway
Shawn Michaels




So with this much traffic in May, what's the answer for the impending summer and the addition of a million vehicles? Maybe it is just the fact there are too many dam cars! We have too much traffic. That's not an answer it's more of a statement. We are not getting rid of vehicles so I guess the answer is, there is no answer. Just get ready to sit in traffic. One thing it does do, that I can control, is staying home. Yup, just not get into the traffic parade. I know that's easy to say, I go to work at 5 am and traffic is usually a non-factor. Later in the day when I don't have to travel, I just stay close to home.



Garden State Parkway
Shawn Michaels


What Is The Cause Of Garden State Parkway Traffic?

Let's see if you agree or at least can see that these points are probably part of the problem when it comes to traffic congestion on the GSP. These points are strictly my point of view but let's take a look at factors that cause a parking lot on the Parkway.

  • Toll Areas: The lack of merging that's available after drivers go through tolls causes a huge back-up and we need more lanes for cash payers to merge with EZ-Pass or have EZ-Pass drivers not clash with the others. At times there is nothing EZ about it.
  • Construction: Should we avoid any major construction from May to September?
  • Trucks: I know there are economics involved with product shipment, but they do slow things down at times.
  • Lack of Mass Transportation: A separate topic for another article.
  • Careless Driving: Folks "PAY ATTENTION".


Garden State Parkway
Shawn Michaels



So what say You? What is the solution to the impending traffic problems we will see on the Garden State Parkway this summer? Let us know what you think so sound off and post your comments below. We have traffic and in 3 weeks we will add a million vehicles to that traffic.


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