Tomorrow is Kids' Yoga Day and everyone's invited to take a 5 minute yoga break tomorrow.  In recent years, a number of schools around the U.S. have started to incorporate yoga into the school day.  Studies have shown the practice helps students focus, relax, and stay on task.  A research study done by UMass, Harvard, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Yoga4Classrooms found that among 2nd graders, yoga helped improve their attention span, ability to concentrate, and social interaction with classmates.  It also helped increase confidence, self-esteem, and overall mood.

I've seen video clips of kids who say doing yoga is fun!  They like the stretching, and the different animal-like poses.

Kids are growing up in stressful times, plus there's a problem with obesity in this country so I think yoga for kids should be encouraged, whether at school or home.

A quick online search shows there's a place in Monmouth County which offers yoga for kids:  Bee YOU Yoga in Manasquan.   Do you know of any places in Ocean County where kids can do yoga?

If you'd like to learn more about yoga for kids, and/or participate in Kids' Yoga Day tomorrow, you can get some information at this site:

Do you ever do yoga?  Do you think it's a good idea for kids to learn it?