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In a recent Patch article we met the Krean Family and heard of their story. Susan and Ty had to seek medical treatment for their twins in Texas, the twins suffering from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, needed treatment at Texas Children's Hospital. Now the Beachwood Family needs to get back to the Jersey Shore and the "medical transportation flight" is estimated to cost $17,159.00.

Efforts have been underway to help the babies get home and so far $9,685.00 have been raised. In a development over the past 24 hours Jeremy Grunin, Townsquare Media Co-Host of Topic A with Bob Levy on WOBM, has come forward on behalf of the Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation (President) to help. Mr. Grunin announced that the foundation will add the last $4,000.00 to fly the babies home. This leaves a balance of $3,474.00 to be raised!

When they let me know they’re $4,000 away from completion, I’ll put my $4,000 in! ~ Jeremy Grunin

Here is how you can help....Grace on Wings is the medical flight transport that is invloved and you can go to their website and make a donation. Be sure to put "Krean Family" on the donation. The flight is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 21.

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