I came across a really cool, unexpected surprise out of nowhere today. Something that goes to show the old adage that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

As I was walking my dog around the neighborhood this morning, my condo association's handyman drove up, stopped next to me, and said that he came across something that he thought that I'd like.

(Photo by Justin Louis)
(Photo by Justin Louis)

In his truck was a vintage 1970s era Japanese pachinko machine.

I guess my reputation as a guy who likes his toys and gadgets must be well known in the neighborhood.

The handyman said that it was carefully placed next to one of the dumpsters, along with a few parts.

I was more than happy to take it and see what I can do with it. Just from a quick overview, it looks like it needs an electrical cleanup, and there is a bit of water damage on the playfield. But the mechanical parts seem to be working just fine.

So, why not? I figure I'll make it a project and see what I can do with it, and maybe get it into working order!

Have you ever found a true gem that someone else was getting rid of? Comment below and tell us about your best finds!


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