What would you do if you found a GoPro digital camera washed up on the beach?

Before social media became what it is today, you'd probably stop by the beach badge office or police department, leave it for lost & found, and that would be the end of the story.

Today, though, we do have social media, and the machine is in full motion in an attempt to reunite a surfer with his GoPro that was found quite some time ago.

In fact, Beckie Emerson of Brick found the GoPro on the beach in Point Pleasant after Superstorm Sandy nearly 8 years ago.

Beckie told me that she and her mother were walking on the beach in Point Pleasant after the beaches reopened following the 2012 storm.

There was plenty of debris on the beach that the storm had deposited on our shores, including the GoPro camera.

When she fired the camera up, it had a bunch of surfing footage on it, including this perfect, clear closeup of the camera's owner:

This isn't the only footage on the camera. In fact, Beckie said that there's a nearly 40 minute video of the surfer doing his thing before the camera falls off the board and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Until, that is, Superstorm Sandy churned it back up.

Beckie tells me that she had put the camera away and nearly forgotten about it.

Until now.

She's getting ready to make a big move out of New Jersey in a couple of weeks. In the process of going through her belongings, she came across the camera once again.

So, now the operation is on to try to reunite the camera with its owner.

Go ahead and scroll back up and take a good look at the picture, do you know this surfer?

If you do, click here to shoot me a message and I'll get you in touch with Beckie, she's eager to get it back to its owner!



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