I lost my credit card at the Phoenix airport.  There to catch an early morning flight back to Jersey, I put it into the check-in kiosk but forgot to take it out.  It was a careless mistake that I regret.  The problem was, that I didn't notice my error until almost an hour later.

After dropping off my suitcase with the airline staff, I waited on the security line.  After about 45 minutes, I cleared security and looked at my phone as I was collecting my belongings from the conveyer belt.  There was a message saying that my credit card was found downstairs.  Yikes!

It was almost time to board the plane so I had to make a quick decision.  Should I just cancel my card and get on my flight without it?  Or should I go back downstairs, claim my credit card, and then go through security again?  I opted for the latter and thankfully, everything worked out okay.  I was stressed and a bit out of breath but I focused on how grateful I was.  I was thankful that the person who found my card turned it in to one of the airline employees.  He or she could have gone on a massive spending spree before I would have noticed.  I'm grateful that I got the alert that my card had been found.  And I'm grateful that the TSA staff let me get on a shorter line the second time I had to go through security.  Whew!

I appreciate when things work out, especially knowing how badly this story could have ended.  If you've ever been the victim of credit card fraud or identity theft...you know what a time-consuming pain it is to deal with.

So here's to Good Samaritans.  To people who do the right thing.  To people who go out of their way to help.  I'm truly grateful!

Has there been a time when someone returned your credit card or wallet, with everything in tact?
































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