Happy World Turtle Day everyone! I fell in love with turtles at a young age and ever since then I researched everything to know about them. Not only are turtles adorable, but they are smart too. Turtles that are in captivity will learn their guardian's name, face, and scent and recognize them for the duration of their lives. One of my favorite turtle species is the adorable Sea Turtle - did you know that they can live over a hundred years? How awesome!

Unfortunately, for me owning a Sea Turtle in the United States is illegal. However, I was gifted with a turtle around Christmas time and it was the best present I could have ever gotten. Abernathy, more commonly known as "Ab" is a six-month hold Eastern Box Turtle. She is the most adorable thing you will ever lay eyes on, but she does have an attitude. If you don't feed her at her exact time she will give you a look like "what are you doing human - give me food" (I also believe that she has laser vision, but that's a different story).

Next is Kendrick, a red-footed tortoise. We really don't know how old Kendrick is, but he is the coolest thing you'll ever see. If I had to speculate, I would say that Kendrick is around four or five years old. We named Kendrick after famous rapper Kendrick Lamar and his favorite song right now is "Backstreet Freestyle" by the rapper. Kendrick is a vegetarian and his favorite food is bananas.

So you WANT a turtle? Unfortunately, the sale of any turtle or tortoise in the state of New Jersey is illegal, but you ARE allowed to adopt or purchase a turtle out of state and keep it in the Garden State. Both Kendrick and Abernathy were purchased outside of New Jersey. I would also urge you that if you are planning on getting a turtle of any sort, that you research research research and make sure you know what you are getting into. If you don't and you just get a turtle just because they are "cute", and do not get the right set up or do not allow time for your turtle, they will be the ones suffering in the end. So, if you are not prepared to spend anywhere from $200- $500 in food and a setup, DON'T GET A TURTLE.

Donate to these turtle non-profits: 

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