Do you brake for turtles ?

If you drive roadways around the Jersey Shore near areas of water you may notice the "turtles" have returned. Motorists are asked to slow down and watch for the very "slow" moving neighbors. Many turtles cross roadways looking to move around the area trying to find places to lay eggs. Unfortunately many turtles are hit by slow down !

Ive seen some motorists actually pull over and carefully move a turtle to the other side of the road to avoid being hit .... although care and caution should be used when doing this, much easier to just slow down and avoid our "reptile" friends.

By the way the " Terrapin Crossing" sign is actually in my neighborhood because we have so many ! Find out more about Turtles on the web!

( Credit to April for helping take these great "Turtle" pics :^) )

Do you have "turtles" in your neighborhood ? Do you "brake" for them ?