Is there any better time for great barbeque, than in summer? I think not and if you're looking for great BBQ food without having to be over that hot grill yourself we have the best barbeque in New Jersey for you to check out.


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So when it comes to great barbeque what is your favorite? According to "First We Feast" here are the Top 5 BBQ dishes:

5. Chicken

4. Spare ribs

3. Pork (chopped or pulled)

2. Brisket

1. Sauce

I guess from the looks of their survey a great BBQ sauce is much needed for a great BBQ meal.

According to Cheapism, "While the South is known as the place for exceptional barbecue and countless regional styles of smoked meats, superb barbecue can be found all around the United States. Many smoke shacks and pitmasters in states without a storied barbecue history have created their own styles and unique adaptations that are just as good as the classics. Next time you're on a road trip, plan to stop at some of these fantastic, bucket list-worthy barbecue joints that have received top marks from customers and critics." Jon Tyson Jon Tyson



So where can we find the best barbeque in the Garden State? According to Cheapism, you have to go to Atlantic County to the town of Hammonton to find the best BBQ in Jersey. "Henri's Hotts started as a food truck serving at festivals and events throughout New Jersey before its owner opened up a permanent location in 2009. This joint serves Texas-style barbecue along with Southern sides. Jerked smoked chicken and baby back ribs are standouts, but the main attraction comes on weekends with its buffet, which features a variety of smoked meats, black-eyed peas, whipped sweet potatoes, corn pudding, and peach cobbler." Luis Santoyo Luis Santoyo



Give us your review of Henri Hott's and let us know what you thought of their BBQ and what you recommend if we go there :)




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