Are we ready for some more authentic Mexican food at the Jersey Shore?  Obviously, that is a rhetorical question.

Are you a spicy “I don’t want to eat it unless it hurts” Mexican food fan or are you a “mild to medium” kind of foodie?   Well, however you want it, this place will serve it up super-fast and fresh.

You may know and love this spot from Asbury Park and now it is bringing it’s deliciousness to Belmar.

Any guesses on which fan-favorite restaurant it is?

They open next month and they are offering all of the food you have grown to love at their Asbury Park location.

Drumroll, please….

Let’s give it up for El Rey!

El Rey, their Asbury Park location is located on 708 Emory Street but their new Belmar spot will be opening up at 1006 Main St.

So when is this magic happening?  Set your calendar for March 6th from noon to 4 pm and it gets better…on grand opening day they are offering a free buffet!

Burritos, tacos, fajitas oh my! I can hear the mariachi now!  Are you looking for other New Jersey food options?  Don't worry, we always have your back. We've researched where to get the best burger in our Garden State right here...

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OK, you need dessert?  We found out all about that too!

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Here are more options in the dessert category...why?  Because dessert is the most important meal of the day, I mean we all know that right?

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Happy eating!

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