Here at 92.7 WOBM, we're proud to be Ocean County's first FM radio station, established in 1968.

Two years ago, we celebrated our golden anniversary, and today we're proud to announce the exclusive 92.7 WOBM Through The Years Throwback T-Shirt!

92.7 WOBM Through The Years Throwback T-Shirt
92.7 WOBM Through The Years Throwback T-Shirt

The 92.7 WOBM Through The Years Throwback T-Shirt was an effort that brought together not only 50+ years of our history, but also multiple creative minds from across departments here at the 92.7 WOBM offices.

The result is a collectible t-shirt that traces our history all the way back to our earliest days.

From our most iconic logos that graced car bumpers across the area, to the signs that you can see today wherever the 92.7 WOBM Hometown Crew is found, this t-shirt brings half a century of Ocean County heritage to one place.

You can customize your 92.7 WOBM Through The Years Throwback T-shirt and order now by clicking here.

Whether your family has been in Ocean County for generations, you're a recent resident, or you've moved away, you can show your local hometown pride anywhere you go!

You can of course read much more about our 50th anniversary by clicking here for our "50 Memories in 50 Days" series.

We've got dozens of memories from the earliest days before we actually went on the air, to the battles that brought WOBM-FM to 92.7 on your radio dials 52 years ago.

And of course, no look back on 92.7 WOBM's history would be complete without remembering one of the men who started it all, legendary broadcaster Bob Levy.

Here's to another 50+ years as Ocean County's hometown station!


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