It takes a special type of person to stick with any job for 50 years.

As I sit in the WOBM studio at this moment still reeling from the news of Bob Levy's passing on the 50th anniversary of the station that he helped to create, it has struck many of us that it is a bittersweet irony, as Bob will truly forever be tied to a landmark moment in our history.

It's truly a testament to Bob's dedication to Ocean County and WOBM that he has literally been a member of our staff from the very first day on March 1, 1968, to the very day marking our golden anniversary today, March 1, 2018.

Bob's name is on this building for a reason.

He wasn't just a person who worked at a radio station for a long time, he was a man who has been indelibly tied to this community, and has been quite literally the voice of this community for generations through Bob Levy's Topic A.

Topic A at the Ocean County Mall
Topic A at the Ocean County Mall

My personal impression of Bob will always be his down to earth personality.

When listening back to Topic A, we all know that Bob was never afraid to take callers and guests to task, especially when he disagreed.

But let me explain what I mean when I say that I will remember him as being down to earth.

I've been in this business for almost 20 years, and I've worked in a number of different markets. I've encountered a number of personalities who have been with a station for a long time. Many of them like to make sure that everyone around them knows that.

That wasn't Bob Levy.

Bob was a self-deprecating guy. I think that is an endearing quality in anyone, but especially in someone who works in a business where there are a lot of egos.

It takes an enormous amount of being self assured to be in this business for so long and remain modest.

And that is what I will remember most about Bob; his approachability, his modesty, and his humor.

From day one to 50 years later to the day, Bob Levy was and always will be Mr. WOBM.


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