This week we reported that New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy (Democrat) is considering the idea on "free" community college for all New Jersey residents. We wanted to get the pulse of the audience and see what YOU had to say ...

Results of Our On-Line Poll:

  • No I Do Not Support - 55 %
  • Yes I Support - 36 %
  • Undecided - 9 %

Here are some of the comments from listeners on the topic of "Free" College ...

Forget college they should offer vocational school ~ Francine

No thank you. I do not have children in school and I pay school tax. OK that's OK because I do have grandchildren in school. I do not think we should be pay for "Free College" might be time to leave NJ. ~ Donna

Nothing is free. Taxpayers will foot the bill. More middle class people will flee this state with increased taxes. Elected officials should be looking for ways to cut spending, not add on to the burden ~ Diane

While we're at it, let's give everyone in NJ a free gym membership! Because society benefits from healthy people! ~ Laura

I've got an idea! Parents save money for their kids education! Like mine did working a blue-collar job with five kids ~ Billy

All rainbows and unicorns to these people, until the bill comes due. Free stuff for everyone! Although nothing is ever "free" ~ Patrick

How about free groceries for all? Society benefits from proper nutrition, you know ~ Larry

Awesome idea- legalize pot to pay for it- lets go! ~ Mike

The only people who deserve free college is any NJ resident that has or currently is serving in the armed forces ~ Charlie

It would be very helpful for families who cannot afford to send their children to school ~ Lorraine

It's a great idea if you can get enough vounteers! ~ Charles


Those are just a few of the comments, we received so many regarding "free" college in New Jersey. Thanks for sharing YOUR points of view! This idea would obviously affect future students at Ocean County College, Brookdale and other New Jersey "community" colleges.

If YOU didn't get a chance to SOUND OFF ... add your thoughts, do you like/dislike the idea of "free" community college in New Jersey .... 

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