“I’m committed to making community college tuition free for all New Jerseyans,” Murphy said. “That won’t happen overnight. But if we grow our economy and prudently manage our finances, we will get there sooner rather than later.”

Free Community College? (Ocean County College, Brookdale etc) Could this be a reality here in the Garden State? Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy is now proposing the measure for all New Jersey taxpayers. Although he sighted it could take several years to implement completely. Originally in an article posted by our sister station , Murphy estimated a cost of $400 million dollars to operate, but then lowered the figure to approximately $200 million.

The question is "free"? Some critics of the plan say it will cost taxpayers and will there be certain criteria or will it be available to all students? Is $200 million an actual price tag or will that number increase if more residents decide to attend "free" college?

Only four states currently provide free community college to their residents: New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

Do YOU think it's a GOOD IDEA or BAD IDEA ?




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