It's National Coffee Day! A day I believe created for me lol my love for a good cup of coffee runs deep. My parents always loved a good cup of coffee and my Dad could spot an old pot from a mile away. My Uncle Jimmy owned his own coffee company and he hand ground and packaged the beans right in his own little shop right in Chatham. We still have his coffee sign hanging in our home. That being said here are my picks for my 3 favorite coffee shops and what I like to order ....

  • Starbucks: Give me a Venti/Grande Flat White !
  • Dunkin Donuts: Cream No Sugar
  • WaWa: Cuban Blend with Cream No Sugar

Today you can get a free or discounted cup of coffee and here's the list ... grab me one!

  • Cumberland Farms: They have a free farmhouse blend or bold cup of java, any size with a coupon. Text FREECOFFEE to 64827 to receive a mobile coupon.
  • Dunkin' Donuts: Medium hot coffee is 66 cents the chain is honoring their 66th anniversary.
  • Wawa: Get a free cup of self-serve coffee (up to 24 ounces).
  • QuickChek: They are going digital for National Coffee Day .. just download their free mobile app and get a free coffee.

Two other chains are taking a different approach, Starbucks will give free coffee trees to farmers in need for every cup of Mexico Chiapas coffee sold at participating locations. McDonald's McCafe' at certain location in New Jersey will donate proceeds to Covenant House New Jersey. The nonprofits serve homeless and runaway youth.

So enjoy your coffee and let us know your favorite coffee spot ?