Somebody call Netflix - we've got a new hit show on our hands!

Raise your hand if Emily in Paris took over your TV screen (you can't see, but my hand is RAISED right now). I've watched Season 1 twice, and I finished Season 2 in a day.

If you're not familiar with the show, I'll give you a brief summary, but then you have to promise you'll watch it - because it's just THAT good.  Emily Cooper is a young marketing exec who leaves her life in Chicago to go work for her company's firm in Paris.  The show follows her journey of adjusting to life in a new country and fitting in, a love triangle with the hot French Chef that lives in her building and his girlfriend who ends up being one of her friends, and of course, there's high fashion.

A couple of months ago, I told you Netflix is in talks of building a studio here in New Jersey. So wouldn't it be appropriate for there to be a show like Emily in Paris...only in New Jersey?

Here's what I think would go down on the said show:

Pizza instead of croissants

This one is kind of obvious. Emily loves to eat croissants and pan au chocolat in Paris, but in New Jersey, she'd be marching over to the nearest pizzeria for a slice. Or, if it were breakfast, she'd order a pork roll egg and cheese, obviously.

The fashion would look a lot different

Emily's look is bold, but she works a lot of Parisian elements into her style. In New Jersey, she'd be rocking a fur vest, Gucci Belt, and fun prints.

Her love interest would own an Italian Restaurant

Emily falls for Gabriel - a young, gorgeous French chef. Emily in New Jersey would fall for Johnny - a young, hot entrepreneur taking over his father's Italian Restaurant in Toms River.

Trips to St. Tropez would be replaced with the Jersey Shore

In Season 2 of Emily in Paris, Emily and her friends head to St. Tropez for a girls' getaway and party it up. Emily in New Jersey would spend a weekend down the shore (or at the beach) bar hopping, and finding a cute group of guys to crash their boat.

The people would be A LOT nicer

Emily finds herself in some sticky situations where the people in France don't necessarily approve of her American ways. But here in New Jersey, we'd welcome her with open arms (after encouraging her to walk a little faster).

Would you watch Emily in New Jersey?

Would Emily go to one of these favorite NJ Diners?

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