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Have a 16 year old learning to drive?

So here's an update on my little driver. We are moving foward with great success! Is there a chance I'm in denial that our "baby" is almost about to drive down the highway of life? ( Yes I wrote that with a huge sense of sarcasm ) However I must admit it still is crazy to think I'm almost about to send my lil one ( and final one ) out the door on her own.

For the most part Ive found other drivers to be patient while teaching her some tricks on the road. If you can ... remember that cars with the little "red" rectangles in the corner of the license plate are vehicles with "student" drivers in the household .... so give Mom and/or Dad a "brake" ( Pun Intended ) when they are teaching their kids . Ive noticed the kids may be more nervous then we are, So last thing we need is someone "beeping" or "screaming" at them .... Not a help.

Want to thank the driving school that helped get the "permit" paperwork done and the quick introduction to driving. The groundwork of learning to drive ! Much better than the "simulated" driving we had to do lol

Here's another point of view about learning to drive .... Worth a look at.

Funny how when your a teen you cannot wait to get independent and drive and now at "47" I want to get a chauffeur and sit back and enjoy the ride ! Guess we are both growing up :)

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