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I was driving in this week to work, probably around 3:45 am, when I spotted a problem for many motorists here at the Jersey Shore. The problem I'm talking about is deer. If it's a dry overnight, expect to see deer. If you get a clear, cold and dry morning then definitely keep your eyes on the road because deer love to be out and about under these conditions and especially between midnight and sunrise.

Shawn Michaels


Deer have always been a concern of mine through my 30 years doing morning radio because I'm driving in to work at their peak time to be out and about. I have had a few run ins, literally, with deer and it's no fun and expensive …. not to mention dangerous.

So my encounter this week was right on Route 9 at the Tuckerton Seaport where several deer were grazing in a grassy area by the side of the road. Route 9 yes and that's crazy when you think how developed and busy that section can be, even at 3:45 am. Deer seem to not be phased by people or cars these days and that brings them closer to us. In fact some mornings I see deer before I get in my car because they are on my lawn. Whatever the case just a reminder to keep your eyes open especially overnight and drive with care.....we want you to be safe this winter.

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