We got a little taste of winter weather this week, and with it we also got some frustrating commutes, with snow and ice blowing off of cars making for a dangerous drive.

Don't forget, it's now the law in NJ that you must clean all of the snow off of your car before heading out.

Earlier this week, I saw one of those situations where the person obviously only ran their windshield wipers to clear just enough to see. The whole rest of the car, back window included, was still covered in snow.

So, not only could this  person not see out of their side windows or rear window, but they were trailing a billowing cloud of snow, spraying on everyone who was behind them.

It's not fun, nobody enjoys brushing snow off of their cars, but it's the safe and considerate thing to do. Plus, if you don't and snow or ice from your car causes an accident, it could end up costing you $1,000 or more.

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