Winter 2015

Find Out What The Worst Pests In New Jersey Are
The holiday season is a time to entertain guests. But, sometimes we have to deal with uninvited guests. No, I'm not talking about in-laws, I'm talking about bugs and rodents.
When the weather turns colder, the invaders look for somewhere warm to take shelter. So, which pests are the most ir…
Taking A Look At NJ's Winter Weather Outlook
As some areas of Ocean County may be dealing with low temperatures close to freezing over the weekend, we definitely know at this point that the comfortable late Summer and early Fall weather is over. But the big question is, what do we have on tap for Winter?
How Would You Feel If This Happened To You?
Friday evening was one of the worst drives I've had this winter. The heavy, wet snow made the Parkway a slushy mess, and the fact that only one lane was marginally clear made the drive home a white knuckle, low speed stressfest. And then I came home to what you see above.

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