Fire Prevention Tips From Burn Unit Nurse
In a family home, flames can spread in just minutes. People who don't get out in time can suffer life-threatening burns and disfiguring injuries. My sister cared for hundreds of such patients during her 10 years as a nurse in a hospital burn unit.

I interviewed her for this blog and want to…
What's Safe To Eat Off The Vine?
I'm curious if you're the type to just pick berries off a vine. I'd worry that it might be poisonous. Plus I'd never eat anything without washing it first. Am I being unnecessarily cautious? Are you someone who likes to sample when out and about?
Dispelling Myths About Summer Cruising (Part 1)
If you haven't planned a trip yet for your summer, you have plenty of options to consider.   Planes, Trains, and Automobiles can get you to where you want to be.  But have you ever considered cruising?  I know there are many people who haven't and I'm guessing it's…
Did The Big Pinelands Fire Make You More Prepared?
This week marks 10 years since the fire that destroyed 5 homes and damaged more than a dozen others.  I remember it was an unseasonably warm day so I went to Island Beach State Park with my guy who took the day off of work.  From the comfort of our beach chairs we saw the dark clouds of sm…

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