Lots of folks in Ocean County are buzzing this morning following the news that Giants QB Eli Manning would step aside and rookie Daniel Jones will take over the offense for Big Blue.

How do I feel? I don't think I would have put Jones in this season. The Giants are not a good team and I don't feel changing QB's is the "fix", but I will say now that the Giants have made the move....stick with Jones, it's now his team.

That being said I will also add that Eli Manning has proven to be a great QB for the team during his run. Any Giants QB that wins two rings is a "champ" in my book. If Daniel Jones can promise not one but two championships during his run I'll take that hands down. Eli has at times been the best and at times looked very bad, but that's the NFL. Eli did his job and did it well. Hopefully, he can help guide the rookie this season, because he is going to need it.

How do you feel about Daniel Jones getting the starting QB job?

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