With my kind of obsessive need to make a big deal out of my birthday each January, I feel badly for Leap Day babies.  I can't imagine being short-changed in the birthday department.  A celebration only once every 4 years?  I couldn't stand it!

As I started researching for this post,  my sympathy turned to admiration.  Due to the uniqueness of being born on February 29th, Leap Day babies are able to throw extra fabulous parties. They can even join something called The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies.

True being born on a Leap Day might present challenges when it comes to getting a driver's license on your birthday.  And there are those who will say that a 40 year old is really only 10.  But it seems the 1 out of every 1461 people who is a Leap Baby have a well-deserved right to make each celebration awesome.  Super special.  Better than your average annual birthday dinner.

So to those of you who were born on this day, how do you celebrate during a Leap Year?  What do you do during the other years?  Were you born locally on a Leap Year Day?  If so, give a shout out to the hospital where you officially became a Jersey Girl or Boy.

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