Well my knees were a bit shaky but I survived Karaoke night!  Despite my nerves, In wound up having a LOT of fun.  My friend got a group of us together to celebrate her birthday and it was a blast.

Back to my performance anxiety for a minute...I have zero confidence in my singing ability.  Isn't that strange for someone who makes a living with her voice?  I feel good about TALKING into a microphone. But I'm scared to SING into one.  I'm sharing this because what I learned last night is...you don't have to sound like Mariah or Celine or Josh.  At least if you're among friends.  So I grabbed the mic, channeled my inner rock star, waved my arms and danced around a little, and nobody booed or  threw rotten tomatoes at me.  Whew!  They were actually happy that I faced my fear and did Karaoke night was way more fun because I said YES and participated.

I know there's an active Karaoke community in Ocean County so let me hear from you in the Comments section.  Where and when is your favorite Karaoke night?  And what is your favorite song to sing?

If you're looking for a place to sing, you can learn about local Karaoke Nights here.


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