The Bright Side of Getting Older
Some girlfriends and I went around the dinner table saying what we think are some of the best things about getting older. Here are some of the responses:

You're the master of your own destiny
You're less influenced by others
You have street smarts
You are capable of critical thinking
Best For 90th Birthday: Presents? or Presence?
I'll be flying out to California soon to celebrate the 90th birthday of my dear Aunt Dot.  There's going to be a lunch in her honor but she doesn't want anyone to fuss over her.  To mark the occasion, I've written her a letter to let her know how much she means to me...
Happy Birthday Sue Moll!
It's a Happy Birthday today for Sue Moll!
Sue Moll is celebrating today and we hope that she has a wonderful birthday! If you wanna send Sue Moll birthday wishes just post in the "comments" section below!
Sue Moll will be out tonight for her birthday hosting the Girl Scouts of t…
Celebrating or Sweeping Birthday Under The Rug?
It was great seeing so many Ocean County residents responding to my Facebook post about the show "This Is Us."  Clearly most of you are fans of the TV series, like I am.
So today I want to ask about another topic near and dear to my heart:  birthdays...

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